Set Up MetaMask

This tutorial will help you connect MetaMask to the Fantom mainnet. The newest version of MetaMask has Fantom included in its list of networks to add.

However, if it is missing, use the instructions below to add Fantom via a custom RPC endpoint. You may pick one in this list of public endpoints here.

Add Fantom to MetaMask

  1. Go to MetaMask settings, click on Network, and then click Add network.

  2. Click Add next to Fantom in the list of networks. If Fantom is not present in the list, click on Add a network manually.

  3. Fill in the details below:

    1. Network Name: Fantom Opera

    2. ChainID: 250

    3. Symbol: FTM

    4. Block Explorer URL:

  4. Click Save

You can now use Fantom with MetaMask by switching to Fantom in the network dropdown list!

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