Set Up a Coinbase Wallet

Fantom Mainnet

For Fantom mainnet integration, instructions are given in the following link.

Developers: Integrate your dApp with Coinbase Wallet

Fantom developers can easily add support for Coinbase Wallet users by integrating the WalletLink SDK, which lets users sign into dApps with Wallet.

Fantom Testnet

You may use the following steps:

  • On Coinbase Wallet (desktop), you can switch to Fantom testnet with the steps below:

    • Open the settings from the top right

    • Enable the Developer mode checkbox

    • In settings under Default network, you will find Fantom testnet

  • For Coinbase Wallet (mobile):

    • Open the settings in the bottom right

    • Open advanced settings

    • Switch network from mainnet to Fantom testnet

    • Go back to settings and choose testnet under Default network setting

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