Manage Fantom Assets with Ledger Nano S

This will show you how to manage your Fantom crypto assets using Ledger Nano S device.

A Ledger Nano S is a device for managing the private keys to your crypto asset wallets. Dedicated hardware key management devices are considered a very secure and reliable way of managing users' private keys in the blockchain world. Your digital assets are safe even if you are using a compromised PC. This level of security cannot be achieved with many other key management methods.

Before you begin

Before you start using the Ledger Nano S with the Fantom ecosystem's digital assets, please make sure you have read this guide and prepared both your PC and the device to operate as expected.

  • If you are using a new Ledger Nano S, please initialize it first.

  • Install the Ledger Live application on your PC.

  • Make sure your Ledger Nano S has the latest available firmware installed.

  • Ensure you have the latest version of Chrome, Opera, Firefox, or any other compatible browser installed on your PC.

How to operate your device

The Ledger Nano S is connected to your PC via a USB cable. The cable needs to be connected to the device to be able to utilize its functions. The device itself has two buttons at the top. These are used to navigate the device's dashboard menu as well as any application you use.

A click on a single button allows you to browse through options, lists of available choices, or groups of pages. The ability to do so is usually indicated by arrows on the device's screen in the direction of the options.

Clicking both buttons simultaneously will start a selected application or function, or confirm the action presented on the device's screen.

An application can utilize both ways of navigating to allow you to verify actions. Please pay close attention to the information displayed on the device screen. It is critical for the security of your crypto assets that you are well aware of the actions you are approving.

Install the Fantom FTM application

You will need the Fantom FTM application installed on your Ledger Nano S device to be able to manage your Fantom ecosystem crypto assets. To do so, please follow this step-by-step guide:

  • Start the Ledger Live application on your PC.

  • Open the Manager tab, which is used to maintain your Ledger Nano S device.

  • Connect your Ledger Nano S device to your PC, unlock it, and authorize the device manager by pressing the right button.

  • Go to Settings (top right button), select the Experimental features tab, and enable the Developer mode

  • Find the Fantom FTM application in the Ledger Live catalog.

  • Click the Install button to download the app to your Ledger Nano S device.

  • An installation window will appear which will guide you through the process.

  • Your Ledger Nano S device will show a Processing... screen to inform you it is installing the application.

  • The application installation will be confirmed.

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