How to Send Fantom Assets

This will guide you through the process of send some of your Fantom assets to another party from an account managed by the Ledger Nano S device.

To send Fantom assets, you need a destination address. If you are in touch with the recipient, you will get the destination address from them. We strongly recommend checking the destination address carefully since a confirmed transaction cannot be canceled and you can lose your crypto assets if you send them to the wrong address.

Due to the nature of cryptography and decentralization, even our team will not be able to restore your assets.

  1. Open your wallet in the fWallet. See this chapter for details on how to do so.

  2. Click the Send button in the menu.

  3. Specify the number of tokens to transfer and the destination address.

Please note that all the transaction details are public. Anybody on the Internet will be able to see both sending and receiving addresses and the amount.

  1. Make sure to connect your Ledger Nano S device, unlock it, and activate the Fantom FTM application.

  2. Click Continue.

  3. Verify the details of the transactions and click Send.

The Ledger Nano S will show a confirmation dialog to allow you to approve or cancel a new transaction. If you reject the transaction now, the transaction data will not be processed and you can return to the transaction form and adjust the details as you see fit.

If you approve the transaction processing, the Ledger Nano S will show a Please wait ... screen. The transaction data will be downloaded to the Ledger Nano S device and processed so you can verify the transaction's authenticity. This is a security measure put in place to prevent unauthorized transactions to be signed.

The Ledger Nano S will then present a series of information about the transaction for you to validate and confirm. Make sure each part of the transaction corresponds with the information you see on your PC. This ensures that the transaction you are about to sign on the Ledger Nano S device is genuine.

The first part to check is the recipient's address.

You must be absolutely certain this is the address of the intended beneficiary. Once you confirm it on the last page, you will be shown your sending address.

The next important pair of screens show the amount transferred and also the maximum fee you will pay to get the transaction processed by the network. Please note the real fee will usually be lower than the maximum calculated.

After you check all the transaction details, the Ledger Nano S will show you the final transaction confirmation dialog. This is the last chance to cancel the transaction and return to the transaction form. If approved, the transaction is signed and sent to the Fantom network for processing.

The fWallet will show you the hash of the transaction and you can verify the state of it by clicking the hash. It will redirect your browser to the Fantom Explorer, where the transaction details will be presented.

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