How to Check Your Account Balance

This will guide you through the process of checking balance and recent transactions of your account managed by Ledger Nano S device.

We are working hard to offer you a variety of options in managing your Fantom ecosystem crypto assets. The best way to do so in conjunction with your Ledger Nano S device is to use our fWallet. Please follow these steps to access your Fantom account with your Ledger Nano S.

  • Connect your Ledger Nano S and activate the Fantom FTM application as described in the previous chapter.

  • Access the fWallet by opening it in your web browser.

  • Click the Ledger option from the main dashboard.

  • Choose your address from the list.

Once you have connected your Ledger device to fWallet, you can view your balance, send tokens, stake tokens, or perform any of the other functions available in fWallet!

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