Analyze & Query Fantom dApps With Dapp Query

Dappquery is a community driven analytics tool for Fantom dApps featuring:

  • Create queries, charts and dashboards using drag and drop “Visual SQL” editor 📊

  • Share charts and dashboards with anyone for seamless collaboration.

  • Support for more than a dozen types of charts for best visualizations 💹

  • Blend multiple blockchain protocols data like Price Oracles, IPFS, ENS etc. in one chart along with Fantom contract data.

You can either connect your subgraph or smart contract and start data syncing.

Steps to connect your Fantom subgraph

  1. Signup/Login to

  2. Click on “my project” button in the header

  3. Fill details about your dApp ✍️

  4. Select network as “Fantom”

  5. Input your subgraph

  6. Enter your website

Documentation & Resources

Supported Features

Dappquery uses TheGraph technology for data syncing. As Fantom is an EVM compatible, all types of data syncing supported by The Graph API is available.

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