The documentation contains guides for administration tasks on the fMint DeFi module.

The fMint is a component of the Fantom DeFi ecosystem.

It allows Fantom Opera's users to create and manage a collateral deposit and use the deposit to obtain different types of on-chain assets. These assets are represented by ERC20 tokens deployed on the Opera blockchain as smart contracts.

Parts of the fMint protocol draw inspiration from the original Andre Cronje's implementation of DeFi fLend protocol.

We use OpenZeppelin library v2.5 along with the Solidity v0.5 and Truffle to conform with the EVM implemented on the Opera blockchain. Consult the Truffle documentation to find out how to build and deploy the smart contract implemented in the fMint protocol, if you desire so.

You can check the source code of the fMint protocol on our GitHub repository. The fMint protocol is published under the MIT license.

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