What is Watchdog?

Watchdog is a static EVM byte-code analyzer and an automated, continuous auditing system that analyzes selected smart contracts on Fantom. Created by Dedaub, it has already saved hundreds of millions of vulnerable funds on Ethereum and made nine notable public disclosures.

Unlike other tools, Watchdog goes beyond just analyzing the high-level Solidity code. It analyzes underlying virtual machine instructions that execute the smart contracts. This is achieved by decompiling — translating the contract bytecode to virtual machine instructions — before performing static analysis across all of the contract’s functionality.

Monitoring and Notifications

Contracts are grouped and analyzed approximately every several hours with warnings of vulnerabilities or proto-vulnerabilities displayed. These static warnings are then combined with queries on environmental conditions to produce reports that may indicate security issues.

These reports are then sent to the smart contract team who works with the Watchdog team to find solutions to any identified issues.

Getting Started

To use Watchdog for your project, contact the Dedaub team.

Once Watchdog is set up, your project will receive administrative access to see a list of vulnerabilities within your smart contracts at any time. You can manually query each smart contract against any exploit recognized by Watchdog.

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