Fantom Safe

Multisig wallet for Fantom network based on Gnosis Safe

What is Fantom Safe

It is an open-source smart contract wallet running on the Fantom network, enabling the multi signature of your crypto assets or interactions with other smart contracts, which makes it is suitable for managing funds in teams.

You can set owners of the safe and a minimum number of people to approve a transaction before it can execute. This is different from a single key wallet, often referred to as an externally owned account (EOA), where a single person owns the private key and approves transactions with it.


Fantom Safe supports FTM and tokens on the Fantom network that you can transfer to the safe in the usual way. You can see the fiat values of your assets on your dashboard and easily send funds from it.

Getting started

As Fantom Safe is based on Gnosis Safe, you can use most tutorials based on them. Fantom Safe is deployed here:

For selecting Fantom mainnet or testnet chain, use the menu in the top-right corner.

Safe Transaction Service API

API to keep track of transactions sent via Safe smart contracts:


Transaction cannot be created from Safe

Because of the caching mechanism, transaction nonces can get out of sync. In this case, check that the current nonce for the Safe corresponds to the nonce filled in the Safe UI.


  • In the UI on the left menu, select Settings -> Advanced. There you can find the field Current Nonce.

  • Fill this number in the newly created transaction under Advanced -> Edit.

Verified contracts registry, version 1.3.0, mainnet & testnet

Verified contracts registry, version 1.2.0, mainnet

Verified contracts registry, version 1.2.0, testnet

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