Contract Library

What is Contract Library?

Contract Library is a free contract-centered blockchain explorer created by Dedaub. First released in 2018, Contract Library continuously decompiles and analyzes all deployed contracts for human inspection and offers a platform for exposing vulnerabilities. Contracts added to the Fantom network appear in the library almost immediately.

Contract Library offers users the ability to:

Examine contract code at all levels, including bytecode, decompiled representations, and source code, if available.

Check token balances and allowances ‒ both as grantor and grantee ‒ for every contract and account.

Read the values of storage locations of a contract.

Find identical contracts, as well as similar public functions.

Interact with a contract (“read/write contract”), even if it has no published source code.

Decompile arbitrary bytecode ‒ for instance, to examine attack contracts or to see if high-level code is translated into gas-efficient sequences.

Examine transaction traces and effects, filter past actions by function, and perform local debugging of transactions.

Contract Library’s debugger is orders of magnitude more scalable than alternatives on other networks, enabling debugging complex transactions within a reasonable amount of time. This is achieved by implementing an efficient model of the EVM to offload computation from the Web3 client.

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