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Short Guide


Fantom is a permissionless, decentralized, and open-source smart contract platform that offers high performance, scalability, and security.
The Lachesis consensus algorithm of Fantom is asynchronous, leaderless, and Byzantine fault tolerant, which combined achieve instant transaction finality. The Fantom Opera mainnet has served more than 200M transactions with a daily growth of more than 1M transactions (source:, updated: 24/Feb/2022). Check our papers and technical reports here.

The ultimate guide to the FTM token


Use Fantom

Fantom mainnet

Fantom testnet

Fantom SONIC

Fantom SONIC is an EVM-compatible blockchain showcasing brand-new technology created by Fantom. Closed SONIC shows the upside potential of this technology on simulated traffic, Open SONIC allows user interactions and smart contracts deployment. To test the network go to the Account Page. Basic chain info:


  • Connect to Fantom mainnet: link
  • Connect to Fantom testnet: link
  • Connect to Fantom SONIC Open: link

Deploy smart contracts

  • Deploy a smart contract: link
  • Verify a smart contract: link



Transaction tracing

Public API endpoints: link.


  • LINK price feeds.
  • BAND price feeds.
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