Run Testnet Read-Only Node

Last updated 16 Oct 2023


  • Minimum hardware requirements: AWS EC2 m5.large with 8GB RAM, 2 vCPUs and at least 300GB of Amazon EBS General Purpose SSD (gp2) storage (or equivalent).

  • We would recommend going with Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS (64-bit).

Network settings

Open up port 22 for SSH, as well as port 7946 for both TCP and UDP traffic. A custom port can be used with "--port <port>" flag when run your opera node.

Install required tools

You are still logged in as the new user via SSH. Now we are going to install Go and Opera.

First, install the required build tools:

# Install build-essential
(validator)$ sudo apt-get install -y build-essential
# Install go
(validator)$ wget
(validator)$ sudo tar -xvf go1.19.3.linux-amd64.tar.gz
(validator)$ sudo mv go /usr/local
# Export go paths
(validator)$ vi ~/.bash_aliases
# Append the following lines
export GOROOT=/usr/local/go
export GOPATH=$HOME/go
export PATH=$GOPATH/bin:$GOROOT/bin:$PATH
source ~/.bash_aliases

Run a read node

You can run your read node using go-opera 1.1.3-rc.5 (full sync or snap sync mode).

# Install Opera
(validator)$ git clone
(validator)$ cd go-opera/
(validator)$ git checkout release/1.1.3-rc.5
(validator)$ make

Validate your Opera installation:

$./build/opera help



When using version 1.1.3, you need to add db.preset argument ((introduced since 1.1.2) for starting opera command. You can see options for this parameters with opera help command. For standard conditions, please use this option:

  • db.preset=ldb-1

You can use different db presets, either --db.preset ldb-1 OR --db.preset legacy-db OR --db.preset pbl-1. Note that, ldb-1 is recommended.

Download a genesis file from this list of genesis files.

# Start opera node
(validator)$ cd build/
(validator)$ wget
(validator)$ nohup ./opera --genesis testnet-6226-no-mpt.g --nousb \
            --db.preset ldb-1 &

You can start a node with a syncmode flag. There are two possible options:

  • "--syncmode snap", and

  • "--syncmode full" (by default).

For archive node and validator node, you should use full syncmode.

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