Snapshot download
Syncing a fresh new node will take quite a while. You may download and use the following snapshots.
After you download the .tgz file, you can untar it into ~/.opera (or any path of your choice). Then you can run opera command with the default datadir ~/.opera (or specify --datadir <path>, if you'd like to use a custom path).

Non-pruned datadir

Non-pruned snapshot can be used to set up: (1) a read node, (2) a full archive API node, or (3) a validator node.


(around 3.7TB tarred)

Previous snapshots

(around 3.5TB tarred, 3.7TB untarred)
(around 3.4TB tarred, 3.6TB untarred)

Pruned datadir

Pruned snapshot can be used to set up: (1) a read node, or (2) a validator node. If you'd run an API node, please use non-pruned snapshot.


(around 395 GB tarred, 514 GB untarred: containing ~/.opera/chaindata)
Previous snapshots: wget
(around 369 GB tarred, 480 GB untarred: containing ~/.opera/chaindata)
(around 348 GB tarred, 452 GB untarred: containing ~/.opera/chaindata)

Daily (pruned) snapshot:

You can download snapshots at, which is maintained by the Ankr team.


Steps to download snapshot and untar:
mkdir ~/download cd ~download # then download the tgz, then untar tar zxvf <tgz_file> #[Option 1: if ~/download/.opera contains chaindata folder only] # remove ~/.opera/chaindata if it exists mv ~/download/chaindata ~/.opera #[Option 2: if ~/download/.opera contains chaindata and other subfolders] #remove ~/.opera if it exists, make sure you backup the keystore folder. # then move the untarred .opera into a path mv ~/download/.opera ~/.opera You can also download md5 checksum file <tgz_file>.md5.

OLD (around 3.3TB tarred, 3.5TB untarred - deleted) (around 3.0TB tarred, 3.2TB untarred - deleted ) 2.7TB - deleted) 2.4TB - deleted) (around 331 GB tarred, 429 GB untarred: containing ~/.opera/chaindata) (around 315 GB tarred, 406 GB untarred - deleted) (around 280 GB - deleted) (around 239 GB - deleted) (around 208 GB - deleted)