Use Builders Testnet Explorer

How to use Fantom Sonic builders testnet explorer

Lore is a new block explorer that supports the Sonic builders testnet and offers on-chain notifications, dev tooling, an AI to ask questions about transactions/contracts, and more.

Access the explorer here.

Built-in explorer

The following instructions are for the builders testnet's built-in explorer.

Use search bar

Once you enter the Sonic builders testnet dashboard, the search icon at the top will allow you to search for addresses, transactions, and blocks on the network. The screenshot below shows an address, including its token balances and latest transactions.

By clicking on a transaction in the list, you can view its details, including its hash, sender and recipient, timestamp, gas used, transaction fee, and more.

It is also possible to use the search bar to view a specific transaction directly by entering its transaction hash.

Find transaction hash

To view a specific transaction with the Sonic builders testnet explorer, open your connected wallet and click on the desired transaction. We use MetaMask for this part of the tutorial, but the process should be similar for most compatible wallets.

Once you have opened the transaction in your wallet, click View on block explorer at the top, which will take you to the testnet explorer to view your transaction. If the button does not work, click Copy transaction ID instead and paste it into the search bar of the testnet explorer.

View blocks

The Sonic builders testnet explorer provides an overview of the most recent blocks on the network or a historical list of all blocks confirmed as shown in the screenshot below.

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