Claim Builders Testnet FTM

How to claim Fantom Sonic testnet FTM and perform swaps

Claim testnet FTM

Once you enter the account page of the Sonic builders testnet dashboard, head to the Faucet section. This feature allows you to request FTM and various other tokens that can be used with Sonic Trade or other dApps deployed on the testnet. Each request grants you ten tokens, but you can only claim each token a maximum of five times daily.

Choose your desired token from the dropdown and click Request. Sign the action in your connected wallet, and you will receive the token instantly. We recommend requesting FTM and a bunch of the other tokens as you will need them to perform swaps in the next section.

Perform swaps

Stay on the account page of the Sonic builders testnet dashboard and head to the Sonic Trade section. This feature allows you to experience Sonic’s lightning-fast speed by performing swaps between the tokens you requested in the previous section.

In the From box, choose one of the tokens you requested, and in the To box, choose a token for which you want to swap it. Click Swap and confirm the action in your wallet. The swap should be completed in less than a second.

With the Sonic builders testnet explorer, you can view the swap transaction and its details, including timestamp, gas used, transaction fee, and more.

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