Sonic is the newest iteration of Fantom and offers brand-new blockchain technology.

With a brand-new virtual machine, improved database storage, and optimized consensus, Sonic is anticipated to achieve 2,000+ transactions per second (TPS) at an average finality of one second while consuming a fraction of the storage used by its predecessor, Opera. The upgrade is the latest step in Fantom’s mission to improve its underlying platform without resorting to sharding or additional layers.

Sonic requires no hard fork and is compatible with any Web3 EVM blockchain. If you already have an established tooling for deploying contracts on Fantom Opera, Ethereum, Sepolia, Goerli, or any other EVM-based networks, they will also work on Sonic.

We already have released access to the Fantom Sonic testnet environment to give users and developers a first-hand experience of the groundbreaking speed offered by the upgrade before its mainnet release, which is scheduled for spring 2024. The testnet environment has two separate testnets to demonstrate the upgrade before its mainnet release. The closed testnet aims to showcase the maximum theoretical limits of Sonic, whereas the builders testnet is interactive, allowing anyone to experience Sonic directly and deploy dApps.

Learn more about Sonic and its technology in our extensive article.

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