Registering Collections

Artion automatically scans the Fantom blockchain and retrieves data on all NFTs on the network. Creators who have minted Fantom NFTs elsewhere and who wish to sell on Artion are encouraged to register their collections.

The benefits of registering are:

  • Registering enables creators to draw royalties from sales of their works on Artion.

  • Registering increases trust in the community about the authenticity of the NFTs for sale.

  • The collection registration page offers creators fields to link their personal web pages, social media accounts, etc. These links are featured in the marketplace under the names of the creators.

Click on the account button and select Register Existing Collection.

Complete the registration form, providing the Fantom wallet address to which the collection was minted. If you do not have the address or cannot access it, follow the instructions at the top of the page and email

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