Buying NFTs

Below is an item on Artion that is listed for sale at 1.80 wFTM:

Clicking on the item takes you to the NFT page, where you can either make an offer (if you wish to offer a lower price, for instance) or directly buy the item.

Selecting Make Offer allows you to propose an alternate purchase price for the item. When Buy Now is clicked, Artion connects to your wallet to confirm the transaction, transfer funds, and deposit the NFT into your account.

How do I place a bid on an auction?

Placing a bid on an auction is straightforward. From the product page, you simply select Place Bid.

In the above example, the reserve price refers to the minimum price for which the seller wishes to sell the NFT. If the reserve price has not been met by the end of the auction, the sale is automatically canceled.

Remember that to place a bid, you must have a corresponding amount of tokens in your wallet and a minimal amount of FTM to cover transaction costs.

How do I make an offer on an NFT that is not for sale?

Users can make a direct offer on any NFT in the gallery, whether it is for sale or not. To do this, click through to any item in the gallery.

Select Make Offer, then select the currency for the offer and specify the amount. Indicate the expiration date of your offer and click Place Offer. Note that there is a small transaction fee for placing the offer.

Once you place the offer, the Artion smart contract will hold the amount offered — it will no longer be visible in your wallet, but you will see the offer under the heading Direct Offers on the product page.

If the owner accepts your offer, the NFT will automatically be paid for and transferred to your account. If the offer expires, if you withdraw your offer, or if the owner rejects it, you will be refunded your original amount.

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