With the Fantom Wallet or fWallet you can send, swap tokens or stake your FTM. You can also participate in the governance. When you go the site, you will be asked to connect your wallet such as Metamask to the fWallet.


Here, you see your assets in your current wallet.


In this section, you can send your FTM or other tokens to another wallet or address.


In this section, you can stake your FTM to a validator and get rewards from the staking. First, click button Stake now.
Next, choose the delegator that you want to delegate your FTM to.
Afterwards, choose the staking method, etiher Stake-as-you-go or Fluid rewards.
With Stake-as-you-go, you can undelegate thus unstake your FTMs any time without any penalty.
If you choose the Fluid rewards option, you will lock your ftms for a certain period of time. You can undelegate your FTM but you will be penalized for doing so. After you choose Fluid rewards option, you then need to click the Lockup FTM to delegate your ftms.
You then need to set the duration which you want to stake your ftms for.
Then confirm it by clicking Lockup now in the pop window.
You'll then get the information of your staking or delegation.


In this section, you can vote on a proposal and create your own proposal. To vote on a proposal, click on the Vote now button.
Next, you need to set the percentage of each option and then vote by clicking the button Vote.
You can cancel your vote (after voting) if you wish to cancel or revote with an updated percentage.


In this section, you can swap your token with another token. For example, you can swap your FTM with USDC like shown below.


In this section, you can move your FTM or other tokens from Fantom Opera blockchain to another blockchain such as Ethereum or BSC. Below is a sample of transferring your FTM from Fantom Opera to Ethereum.