What is a collection?

A collection is an ERC-721 or ERC-1155 smart contract deployed on Fantom. All the NFTs from the same smart contract are of the same collection.

How to register a new collection?

Registration is the process of adding your existing NFT smart contract to our Artion platform.

Once you have submitted your collection with the required information, our team will carefully review the validity of the collection. You then will get an email with an approval or rejection message. Once approved, your collection will appear in the collections list with a verification badge.

What benefits are there to register a collection?

You will not be asked to approve individual NFTs from collections created on our platform. You may set a royalty for NFTs minted under our main Artion collection and collections created on our platform.

Who can register a collection on Artion?

Any collection owner can register their collection on Artion.

What are categories?

A category is a set of NFTs that share the same characteristics depending on their NFT smart contracts. When you register a collection on Artion, you can select up to 3 categories. When a collection is registered with a certain number of categories selected, all the NFTs from this collection will share those categories.

Categories are only defined in our Artion platform. Other marketplaces might have totally different groups of categories. Once categories are selected for a collection, all the NFTs from the collection share those selected categories, which will help users find NFTs easily and quickly on our explore page.

What is royalty and how does it work?

A royalty is a percentage figure ranging from 0% to 100%. This can be set at the time of the NFT mint. If the royalty is set higher than 0%, creators will earn royalties each time the NFT is sold on Artion.

For example, if the royalty is set to 5% for your NFT, you will get 5% of the NFT’s sale price every time the NFT is sold on Artion.

Can people buy or sell collections?

Collections cannot be sold or purchased. A collection might seem like a group of NFTs, but technically, it is a smart contract with which users can mint NFTs.

Can the category value be modified after being set?



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